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From top-notch facilities to our range of professional services, we ensure your office space in Limassol will exceed all professional expectations.

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Private office

Starting from €900/month

Best for small and medium-sized operations (from 1 up to 40 persons)


Starting from €325/month

Best for freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups



Starting from €215/month

Best for those who want to combine work from home with an on-site office


Starting from €20/hour

Best for business meetings, presentations, interviews, conference calls


Starting from €39/month

Best for business owners looking for a prestigious address for their business in Cyprus

Event Venue

Starting from €120/hour

Best for team-building events, networking & cocktail parties, BBQ events, or birthday celebrations 


SOHO Office Space is Malta’s largest serviced office and coworking network, housing more than 5,000sqm of office space. SOHO provides a platform for digital, tech, and creative professionals to work, connect, and grow. Offering stress-free solutions instead of limited, long-term leases, our multi-location offices allow our members the ability to move fluidly between our business centers as they expand their ventures.

Community is one of the most important things to us. At SOHO, we strive to create a coworking environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for our members. By offering activities and events within and outside of the office, we aim to promote a network, relieve the stress of the workday, and connect to the SOHO community.

Some of the benefits one enjoys with a SOHO membership include:

  • A prestigious business address;
  • Friendly staff to help assist you with your SOHO needs;
  • Exclusive amenities (gym, sauna, free gym classes, catering & cleaning services);
  • Unbeatable location in highly sought-after areas of Cyprus;
  • Regular community events and networking opportunities.

A serviced office provides your team with a dedicated workspace located within a shared business center, such as SOHO Office Space. These shared offices offer a wide range of facilities and amenities to cater to all your business requirements. From a fully-equipped kitchen and well-appointed meeting rooms to Skype booths, comfortable lounge areas, game zones, onsite gym, convenient parking, and even catering and bar services, every aspect is meticulously arranged by the workspace provider. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance support are provided to ensure a hassle-free experience. With certain facilities available on a pay-per-use basis, businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to seamlessly transition into their new space.

When choosing the right office space, two popular options that businesses often consider are serviced offices and traditional offices in Limassol. Serviced offices, also known as executive suites or business centers in Limassol, are fully furnished and equipped office spaces that are managed by a facility management company. Services offices are ready for immediate move-in and often come with a range of amenities and services, such as reception services, cleaning, and IT support. Traditional offices in Limassol involve leasing or owning a space outright, requiring businesses to invest upfront and establish all the necessary operations on their own.

Flexibility: Serviced offices in Limassol shine in terms of flexibility. They offer adjustable lease terms, enabling businesses to easily scale up or downsize their space as needed in Limassol. On the other hand, traditional offices in Limassol often come with rigid lease agreements, making it challenging to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.

Cost Considerations: One of the key advantages of serviced offices in Limassol is their cost-effectiveness. They typically include furniture, utilities, and services in the monthly rental fee, providing significant upfront savings compared to the substantial initial investment required for setting up a traditional office space in Limassol.

Infrastructure and Support: Serviced offices in Limassol come equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and administrative support. This ready-to-use infrastructure saves businesses time and resources in Limassol. In contrast, traditional offices in Limassol require businesses to manage infrastructure setup and maintenance independently, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Professional Image: Serviced offices in Limassol are often located in prime business locations, projecting a professional image that can enhance a company’s credibility and reputation. This can be particularly beneficial when attracting clients, investors, and top talent to businesses in Limassol. Traditional offices, while offering control over the office environment, may not always provide the same level of prestige associated with prime business locations in Limassol.

Networking Opportunities: Serviced offices in Limassol foster a dynamic environment where businesses share common spaces, leading to networking and collaboration opportunities. This can result in potential partnerships, collaborations, and business growth in Limassol. Traditional offices, while conducive to internal collaboration, may lack the external networking opportunities found in shared office spaces.

Scalability: Scalability is another area where serviced offices in Limassol excel. They offer the flexibility to expand or reduce office space according to fluctuating business needs in Limassol. This scalability is crucial for businesses experiencing growth or changes in workforce size. In contrast, traditional offices in Limassol may pose challenges in adapting quickly to changing space requirements due to longer lease commitments and fixed layouts.

In our serviced office space, we offer both private offices and coworking spaces. Private offices are exclusively dedicated to your team, while coworking desks are located in common areas. Alongside these flexible workspace options, we provide an array of top-notch amenities to enhance your work experience. From a fully-equipped kitchen and comfortable lounge zones to well-appointed meeting rooms, private Skype rooms, and convenient indoor parking, our shared facilities are designed to cater to your every need. Join the community of like-minded individuals at SOHO and take advantage of these exceptional amenities.

In the corporate world, first impressions do count. A cluttered workspace looks unprofessional and at best will yield negative results. When searching for an office space in Limassol, keep in mind that the best-fit office space is pivotal not just for productivity, creativity, and profitability, but also to prevailing your brand image and company culture. To choose the right office space, you should focus on two key points: the size and the style of the office layouts. 

To do this, you should look at how many employees you have, how you plan on growing, the number of furniture you may need to purchase, and the style that will work the best for your future office space. Focusing on your company’s needs is essential to ensure its growth and development, thus it’s advisable to hire office space consultants who will guide you accordingly. 

Nowadays, it seems that the contemporary, open-plan style is growing in popularity, making it ideal for a more collaborative and conversational office layout. Creating a comfortable, social, and interactive working area will ultimately benefit all. Enough free space in the office, a relaxed seating layout, and all computer equipment within easy reach are design features that encourage an overall improvement in energy, productivity, and stress reduction. 

When renting an office space in SOHO Limassol, you can expect a comprehensive range of amenities designed to enhance your work environment and overall experience. These amenities are tailored to cater to your professional needs and comfort, ensuring a productive and enjoyable workspace.

Our office rent packages in Limassol include essential features such as fully equipped workspaces, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, and secure server rooms to support your business operations seamlessly. Additionally, you’ll have access to reception services, ensuring a professional and welcoming environment for your clients and visitors.

For your well-being and convenience, we provide free gym memberships, access to an equipped kitchen with complimentary water, tea, coffee, and fruits. You can rent a dedicated parking space in our indoor parking for added convenience and security.

Networking opportunities are also a key highlight of our office spaces, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals and participate in community events held within our premises. Members also have access to exclusive areas like the Members Lounge and in-house bar, perfect for informal meetings or relaxation between work sessions.

With 24/7 workspace access and amenities such as meeting rooms and Skype facilities, SOHO ensures that your office rent in Limassol encompasses everything you need for a productive, comfortable, and collaborative work environment.

When it comes to office rent in Limassol through SOHO, we offer a variety of flexible workspaces tailored to meet different needs and preferences.

For those seeking privacy and exclusivity, our private offices are ready-to-move-in spaces with flexible rental periods. These offices come with exclusive amenities and member benefits, providing a seamless and professional environment for your business operations.

If you prefer a dedicated workspace within a shared environment, our dedicated desks offer a fixed desk in the coworking area. You’ll enjoy 24/7 access, reception services, and essential office amenities to support your work requirements efficiently.

For more flexibility and convenience, our hot desks provide a flexible seating option in the hot desking area during reception hours. Similar to dedicated desks, hot desks also come with exclusive amenities and member benefits, ensuring a productive and collaborative workspace experience.

Whether you need a private office for focused work, a dedicated desk for regular use, or a hot desk for flexible seating arrangements, SOHO’s office rent options in Limassol cater to diverse work styles and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and efficient work environment for all our members.

When it comes to office rent in Limassol with SOHO, we understand the importance of flexibility to meet diverse business needs.

SOHO offers flexible lease terms and contract durations to accommodate varying requirements. Our Private Office and Dedicated Desk memberships are available on rental lengths of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, providing options that align with your business plans and timelines.

For those opting for Hot Desks, we provide even more flexibility. Hot Desks can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month basis, allowing you to choose the duration that suits your workflow and schedule.

We also cater to interested parties looking for longer-term rentals exceeding one year. Such queries are handled on a case-by-case basis, ensuring personalized solutions for those seeking extended office rental terms in Limassol.

At SOHO, we strive to offer flexible and tailored lease options to make your office renting experience seamless and convenient. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and explore the flexible rent terms available for office rent in Limassol.

At SOHO in Limassol, we understand that business needs can evolve over time, and we strive to offer flexibility in our office rent plans.

Yes, you can upgrade your office space rental at any time during the lease period, subject to availability. We recognize that your workspace requirements may change, whether due to business growth or operational adjustments. Our goal is to ensure that you have the right space that meets your current needs and supports your business objectives effectively.

If you wish to upgrade your rental plan to a larger office space or additional amenities, we will work with you to find the best solution within our available options. 

Our dedicated team is here to support you throughout your office rental journey in Limassol. Feel free to discuss your needs with us, and we will guide you through the process of upgrading your office space to ensure the best experience.