Virtual Office in Cyprus

Register your company in Cyprus
with our virtual office solution!

Enter new markets and establish your business presence in Cyprus with a virtual office membership
with SOHO Office Space. 

Our virtual office memberships are perfect for entrepreneurs seeking a registered business address in Limassol while keeping costs low. Avoid the overhead expenses of a traditional office space while enjoying flexible workspace options and our exclusive registered address services.

With a virtual office membership at SOHO, you’ll receive a prestigious, Googleable address, exclusive workspace access, virtual administrative support, mail & package handling, and more. It’s the ideal solution for business owners looking to register a company in Cyprus at low-costs.

Get started with a virtual office membership in just 3 days or less with SOHO Office Space!



Starting from €39/month*

  • Registered Business Address with SOHO
  • Certification Document (Certificate of Incumbency)
  • Mail & package handling services: 5 postal items per month
  • Prestigious, High-Ranking Googleable address
  • Members prices on Meeting & Skype Room facilities
  • Limited KYC & Due Diligence Required 

Best for: Entrepreneurs on the go that require virtual administration assistance and mail & package handling services. 


Starting from €85/month*

  • Registered business address with SOHO
  • Certification Document (Certificate of Incumbency)
  • Mail & package handling services: 50 postal items per month
  • Prestigious, High-Ranking Googleable Address 
  • Members price on Meeting room facilities
  • Limited KYC & Due Diligence Required
  • Lease agreement provided
  • Proof of Utility Bill 
  • 3 hours of complimentary Skype Room usage per month
  • Company name listed on our website
  • Access to Business Lounges during reception hours in any SOHO Location 5 days per month

Best for bank applications and stable business relationships. An ideal option if you often travel to Cyprus for business

What you get with a virtual office membership


Secure a prestigious, Googleable address for your business in Cyprus.



Gain access to any open workspace during reception hours and attend networking & social events.


Mail & package handling services.
Add-on company phone answering services to support clients when you’re not available.


Complimentary access to SOHO Business Lounges during reception hours.


Company name listed on SOHO website and mailbox. Your own secure, lockable unit to hold company documents.


Office essentials

Access in Reception Hours

Networking opportunities

Equipped kitchen

Indoor parking

Security, CCTV Alarm

Free water, tea, coffee, fruits

High speed WI-Fi

Community events

Access to Members Lounge

Meeting & Skype Rooms

Reception services

Phone answering services

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A virtual office is a type of office space that allows businesses to have a physical address and other office services without the need for a traditional office space. This can include services such as registered business address in Cyprus and Limassol, certification document (Certificate of Incumbency), mail forwarding, phone answering, discounted fees on meeting rooms, etc. Virtual offices are often used by entrepreneurs who want to establish a professional presence in Limassol. 

Virtual office memberships are the perfect solution for entrepreneurs interested in expanding or incorporating their business in Cyprus without requiring the need for a physical presence in Cyprus.

Business owners who opt for a virtual office membership receive administrative support and a prestigious registered address for their business in Cyprus. Emerge into new markets while keeping expenses at a minimum with this cost-effective membership.

Unlike a virtual office, a Business Presence membership offers users access to any open workspace in SOHO Office’s business centers.

Business Presence memberships provide a physical presence in the workspace, granting users the option to welcome their clients on-premises. Business Presence memberships offer a lease agreement to secure local bank accounts, the ability to register a company with local authorities or promote a physical presence to clients in Cyprus even when based abroad.

Business owners seeking to incorporate or expand their business in Cyprus should opt for one of SOHO’s virtual office services. Whether the business owner requires workspace access or a place to receive company documents, this will factor into which product is the right option for your business. 

Virtual office memberships provide key flexibility in an ever-changing economy. Virtual office memberships are ideal for start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or any individual or company looking to incorporate or expand their business into Cyprus at a low-risk cost-effective solution. Tap into administrative services to support your business while based anywhere in the world.

Business presence memberships enjoy all of the benefits of a virtual office membership while promoting your business to our exclusive network by utilizing SOHO’s business lounges. Business presence memberships are ideal for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to create a strong physical presence for their business in Cyprus while securing the use of a flexible workspace.

A virtual office differs from a traditional office in several ways. While a traditional office requires a long-term lease and significant upfront costs, a virtual office offers more flexibility and lower financial burdens. With a virtual office, businesses can establish a professional presence without the need for a physical office space, allowing them to save on costs associated with rent, utilities, and maintenance.

Virtual offices typically offer a prestigious business address, mail and package handling, and virtual administrative support, while also providing access to physical workspaces on an as-needed basis. This can be an ideal solution for businesses that have remote teams or that only need a physical workspace occasionally.

In summary, while traditional offices offer a dedicated physical space for businesses, virtual offices provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution for establishing a professional presence and accessing professional services on an as-needed basis.

With the Business Presence Membership, business owners receive access to our facilities during our operating hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm)

Business Presence memberships offer a lease agreement to secure local bank accounts and the ability to register a company with local authorities.

Setting up a virtual office in Cyprus is a straightforward process that offers numerous benefits for businesses. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can set up a virtual office in Cyprus.

Begin by researching and reaching out to reputable virtual office providers or business centers in Cyprus that offer virtual office services. You can explore their websites, read reviews, and compare packages to find the right fit for your business needs.

Once you’ve identified potential virtual office providers, choose a package that aligns with your requirements. Virtual office packages typically include services such as a professional business address, mail handling, phone answering, meeting room access, and administrative support.

Depending on the provider and local regulations, you may need to provide certain documentation for business registration purposes. This may include identification documents, proof of business incorporation, and other relevant paperwork. Your chosen provider will guide you through this process.

After selecting a package and submitting the required documentation, finalize the setup of your virtual office with the provider. You will receive confirmation of your virtual office address, dedicated phone number (if included), and access to additional services as per your chosen package.

Once your virtual office setup is complete, you can immediately start using your virtual office address and services. This includes receiving mail and packages at your virtual address, utilizing phone answering services, scheduling meetings in designated spaces, and accessing administrative support as needed.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up a virtual office in Cyprus and benefit from a professional business presence without the overhead costs of maintaining a physical office space. A virtual office is an excellent solution for businesses looking for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced professionalism in their operations.