Meeting Rooms Limassol

Professional environment to conduct
your business meetings
Professional environment to conduct your
business meetings


SOHO understands your business needs when conducting a meeting and the elements required for boardrooms to function at their full potential.

The amenities provided, location, and variety of rooms are important factors when booking a meeting room. SOHO Office Space has tailored its meeting rooms for companies and professionals to take care of business in a confidential & professional environment, with a wide range of amenities available during the booking.

SOHO meeting rooms can accommodate 1 to 8 persons and are available for rent by the hour by both SOHO Members and professionals from outside the SOHO Community.

Take comfort in welcoming clients and guests in SOHO’s modern, fully-equipped
meeting room conveniences.


You can book a meeting room or Skype room in a few easy steps:

  1.  Choose the meeting room or Skype room you wish to book via the booking carousel 
  2.  Click on the “Make a booking” button
  3.  Fill out the details of your meeting.

Submit the form and our team will contact you shortly to confirm your meeting room booking. 

Companies or individuals who have booked a meeting or Skype room will receive direct access to the SOHO App. Any future bookings can then be booked and paid directly via the SOHO App! 

Our SOHO Team is ready to professionally assist you during your meeting room booking at SOHO! Let’s ensure your booking is as smooth as possible. Tap into our meeting room amenities during the booking process:

  • Independent AC control
  • WiFi
  • TV and HDMI cable
  • 360° Webcam
  • Mounted whiteboard
  • Coffee, tea & water