Coworking Space Limassol

A coworking space provides key flexibility
many individuals are seeking, without the
long-term, rigid commitments.
A coworking space provides
key flexibility many individuals are seeking, without the long-term,
rigid commitments.

What You Get With SOHO Coworking space

SOHO Coworking is a place where innovative, creative and curious minds are meeting. Whether it’s a dedicated desk or a hot desk membership, your SOHO experience will be outstanding. Our coworking space is equipped with modern amenities such as meeting rooms, Skype rooms, a kitchen, a gym, a sauna, and a lot more!

With a dedicated desk in the coworking space, you will enjoy 24/7 access to our workspace. A hot desk is an option for a hybrid schedule, where the usage of the coworking space is occasional during business hours.  

Choose a coworking solution suitable for you

Dedicated Desk

Starting from €325/month

  • Free gym membership
  • Fixed & private desk in coworking area 
  • 24/7 access
  • Reception services & office essentials
  • Unlimited, free access to Skype rooms
  • Complimentary 6 hours meeting room access
  • Become an exclusive member of the SOHO Limassol Community

Best for: Freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, start-ups

Hot Desk

Starting from €20/day or €215/month

  • Flexible seat in the hot-desking area
  • High-speed WiFi 
  • Exclusive amenities & members benefits
  • Access to the workspace during reception hours
  • Members price on meeting room facilities

Best for: Those who want to combine work from home with an onsite office

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Office essentials

Reception services

Free Gym membership

Networking opportunities

Equipped kitchen

Indoor parking

High speed WI-Fi

Secure Server Room

Security, CCTV Alarm

Free water, tea, coffee, fruits

Community events

In-house bar

Access to Members Lounge

Meeting & Skype Rooms

24/7 Workspace access

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A desk in a coworking space is a dedicated and secure workspace designed for individuals or teams who need a professional and distraction-free environment to work. Coworking spaces offer many of the same amenities as traditional offices, such as high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and printing services, but with more flexibility and affordability. These spaces are ideal for remote workers, freelancers, and small teams who want to enhance their productivity and focus on their work.

A Hot Desk is a flexible desk workspace within the open coworking area or any lounge space within the office building. Sit next to like-minded individuals in a bustling business environment designed to assist your various business needs.

Hot Desks are available for companies and individuals seeking a workspace on a day, week, or month-by-month basis, providing the most flexible option in an ever-changing economy. Hot Desk memberships provide users with workspace access during business hours, with costs incurred only on a pay-per-use basis.

Hot Desks are ideal for companies or individuals seeking a temporary workspace, seeking to grow their social/business networks, or those looking to combine work-from-home with an office-like workspace.

A Dedicated Desk secures individuals a full-time desk workspace within the open coworking area. Enjoy 24/7 access to your dedicated workspace, and build social connections with like-minded individuals in a workspace ready to assist your business needs.

Dedicated Desks are available to companies and individuals seeking a dedicated workspace on a longer-term basis, available for one month, three months, six months, or one year. Register your business for FREE at SOHO Offices’ prestigious business address when reserving a one-year Dedicated Desk membership.

Unlock full access to the SOHO Community and all amenities and services offered by SOHO Office Space when reserving a Dedicated Desk membership.

Dedicated Desk memberships are ideal for companies or individuals who are building their business and need full-time workspace but are not necessarily ready for an office space. A Dedicated Desk membership grants its users full access to amenities and services users of office space receive at a fraction of the cost.

The cost of renting a desk in the coworking space can vary depending on the location, size, and amenities of the space. Generally, private coworking spaces are more affordable than traditional office space, with prices starting at around €325/month for a dedicated desk in the coworking area. Some coworking spaces may offer discounts for longer lease terms or for teams renting multiple desks. It’s important to compare prices and amenities of different coworking spaces to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Coworking spaces differ from traditional offices in several ways. First, coworking spaces offer more flexibility in terms of lease length and space configuration. You can rent a desk in the coworking space for just a few hours or a few months, depending on your needs. Additionally, coworking spaces often have a more collaborative and community-focused atmosphere than traditional offices, providing opportunities for networking and socializing with other professionals. Finally, coworking spaces are typically more affordable than traditional offices, with lower upfront costs and fewer long-term commitments.

SOHO’s open-plan coworking area consists of two membership plans: Dedicated Desks and Hot Desks.

The Dedicated Desk plan provides a station for individuals seeking an equipped workspace along with the social aspect coworking brings, with 24/7 access to our business centers.

The Hot Desk plan is perfect for individuals who require WiFi and a fluid workspace: Hot deskers can come and go as they please during reception hours.

Experience our coworking space and its full potential; Enjoy beautiful views and network with our resident members and create connections to further your business and its needs with an outside perspective. Offering flexible, stress-free solutions, tap into countless opportunities at SOHO Office Space.

Perfect for freelancers or digital nomads living in Cyprus!

In SOHO coworking space in Limassol, you’ll find a comprehensive range of amenities that cater to your professional and personal needs. These amenities include office essentials, free gym/sauna memberships to promote wellness, meeting rooms, common areas, a toproof with a stunning view of Limassol, and reception and mail-handling services for seamless operations. 

As a part of the SOHO community, you will have free access to all community events, that are held weekly. So you can enjoy your networking opportunities and expand your professional circle. Level up your coworking experience with SOHO Office Space! 

Private coworking spaces can benefit a wide range of professionals, including remote workers, freelancers, startups, and small teams. These spaces offer a professional and distraction-free environment that can help enhance productivity and focus. They are also ideal for professionals who travel frequently or need a temporary workspace for a project. Additionally, private coworking spaces can provide a sense of community and networking opportunities that may be lacking in a traditional home office or coffee shop.

Private coworking spaces are available for flexible rental terms. The rental lease starts from a month till 1 year. In certain cases, longer terms are available, which is decided on a case basis. ou can rent a private coworking space for short-term or long-term durations based on your business needs and preferences, providing you with the flexibility to customize your workspace according to your work style and schedule.