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Great community is a key to successful
coworking environment.
The history of SOHO goes back to 2013, when two Danish Expats landed in Malta and quickly discovered their need for office space led to a concept the Maltese islands were yet to discover…

Our story

Since day one, SOHO has attracted open-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs and visionaries who are keen to work alongside one another, share ideas, collaborate, and build business and social relationships.

It happened that two Danish expats, Michael Pedersen and Kris Petersen, were looking for office space in Malta’s prime location in 2013. 

Facing the challenge to land just enough space for their needs, they decided to commit to a larger office capacity with hopes to rent out the extra workspace to other like-minded individuals. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Michael and Kris noted that the demand for smaller offices and coworking space in Malta’s
prime locations was tremendous!

It was the perfect time to take the opportunity and start building a coworking community. And that’s how the story of SOHO Office Space began…

Kris Petersen

Michael Pedersen

What soho offers today

SOHO Office Space offers dynamic workspaces for businesses of all kinds at any stage of their development.
Our modern work environments support open-minded individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs at any stage
of their business journey.

Plug N’ Play in our 360 workspace solutions: focus on your business matters at hand, and let SOHO take care of the rest.

Business owners who opt for a membership with SOHO Office Space provide employees a unique work-life balance, with access to exclusive SOHO events and amenities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide innovative, cost-effective work environments where entrepreneurs and business owners can access a range of services to aid their business success, while enjoying a unique work-life balance. 

Our Plan

Our plan is to expand SOHO Office into various European cities while continuing to spread the SOHO Experience throughout Cyprus’ most sought-after business districts.

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