How to Open A Bank Account in Cyprus

The Cypriot financial and economic system has grown extensively in recent years, and it is now easier for individual workers and investors to gain the services they need. There are various financial operations, but one must have a bank account to transfer funds from one account to another. 

If you are working or running a business in Cyprus, you’d appreciate the quick and straightforward opening of a bank account in Cyprus. Massive improvements have led to innovative developments in the Cypriot banking systems. Individuals and companies alike can take advantage of Cyprus banks’ wide range of services.  

Understanding The Cyprus Banking System

The Cyprus banking system is under the umbrella of the National Bank. It is the institution that authorizes and supervises the activities of all other banks operating in the country. You will discover that there are private national banks in Cyprus. However, there are also representative and branch offices of foreign banks. 

Local and foreign banks operate in the whole country. Thus, you have plenty of options if you intend to invest or open a bank account in Cyprus. 

Choosing a bank where you should open an account is more challenging, as most offer similar services. The key here is to determine which has the best charges so you can save with every completed transaction. 

You can find out more about the bank you intend to transact with by verifying them with the National Bank of Cyprus. It should be the first step if you want to open a bank account in Cyprus. 

Who Can Open A Bank Account in Cyprus?

Cypriot citizens, foreign nationals, and companies are allowed by the National Bank of Cyprus to open bank accounts in Cyprus for various purposes. There are no restrictions on what type of bank account one must open. However, you should comply with the specific documents required by your chosen bank. Likewise, both companies and individuals can select the banks and the types of accounts they want to use. 

What are the Types of Bank Accounts in Cyprus Can You Set Up?

There are several services that Cypriot banks offer, and most of them are similar. You can choose the type of bank account in Cyprus that you want to open. Some accounts can be used for personal, employment, and corporate functions. It is also possible to set up merchant accounts for e-commerce and online businesses. 

A personal savings account is one of the most common bank accounts individuals open in Cyprus. It is the best option for those who wish to explore wealth management services offered by various financial institutions in the country. It is also viable for keeping assets in a bank account. 

Additionally, Cypriot banks also offer offshore accounts for offshore companies with operations in Cyprus. 

Choosing A Which Bank to Open Account in Cyprus

When choosing a bank account in Cyprus to use for any financial services, one should consider several factors. The first step is to check the conditions implemented by their selected banks. For instance, if you are looking to open a personal bank account, you should inquire about the minimum amount of money required to open such an account. You should also check feedback and testimonials about the bank’s customer services, especially after becoming one of their clients. These banks should not neglect their clients and address any concerns about their services. 

Foreign nationals living in Cyprus should also consider money-transfer services when opening a bank account in Cyprus. It will be an essential feature that they will need for their business, especially those who are shareholders in foreign companies. 

Another feature you should consider when choosing a bank account in Cyprus is the online banking service. Most banks offer this feature, so you should only check for the fees for each transaction you make through its various platform. Online banking availability makes it a breeze to transfer funds, pay bills, and make changes in the account.  

Lastly, inquire about other facilities that your chosen bank offers. They may have wealth-building products such as mutual funds, VUL, insurance offers, loans facilities, credit cards, etc. 

Cypriot banks are handled by English-speaking personnel; thus, communication is accessible, and you can get your message across without worries. Working with a local lawyer for foreign business owners and corporations seeking to open a bank account in Cyprus is an excellent step toward setting up corporate and merchant bank accounts in Cyprus.  

How to Open A Personal Bank Account in Cyprus?

A personal bank account in Cyprus is available for local and foreign individuals living in or outside the country. A company in Cyprus may even open a bank account for a person who lives in another country. A personal and employment account has similar requirements, but many employers in Cyprus opt for employment accounts for their lower fees and commissions. 

Employers may quickly provide the details of their employees and establish employment relations. This bank account’s purpose is to receive salaries and employee benefits.

For individual accounts, setting up is easy, and the documents are few. Make sure to submit the following to open a personal bank account in Cyprus:

  • Account application form from the bank
  • A utility bill indicating the residence address
  • Copy of identification card and a valid passport if foreign national

How to Open A Corporate Bank Account in Cyprus?

Companies that register for a business in Cyprus are mandated to open a corporate bank account in Cyprus. It is part of the incorporation procedure, and the first step that a company must do is to use this account to deposit their share capital which they will later use for business transactions. 

Opening a corporate bank account in Cyprus is as straightforward as opening a personal bank account. However, there are more documents that financial institutions will require from businesses. Some of these required documents are the following:

  • Completed application form from the bank
  • Proof of registered office from the Group Principal Trading Office
  • Copy of Certificate of Directors and Secretary
  • Copy of Certificate of Registered Office
  • Copy of Certificate of good standing for foreign companies operating in Cyprus in the last two years
  • Copy of Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Share Certificate

For partnerships, the following documents will be required to open a bank account in Cyprus:

  • Completed application form 
  • Copy of the Certificate of the Partners
  • Proof of the registered Office
  • Copy of the Certificate of Good standing for foreign partnerships if they have been registered in Cyprus for more than two years
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of the Partnership Agreement

To ensure a hassle-free process, corporations and businesses are encouraged to work with Cypriot lawyers in opening various types of bank accounts through a special power of attorney. 

How to Open A Merchant and Offshore Bank Account in Cyprus?

One of Cyprus’s most employed bank accounts is the merchant bank account. This type of account is preferred by e-commerce companies and has consistently grown in use in recent years. Cypriot online companies need both a corporate and a merchant bank account in Cyprus. Likewise, traditional companies may also open a merchant account for their operations.  

The steps must be followed in opening a merchant account in Cyprus:

  • Online businesses must have a website to link the account to the company.
  • Businesses must choose a provider to install equipment for payments and transactions.
  • Online businesses must establish protocols to ensure the safe collection of the personal data of their clients. It should be following the GDPR.
  • The Certificate of Incorporation may be required for setting up a merchant account. 

Ideally, Cypriot law firms may assist online business owners in setting up their banking accounts, whether they are a merchant or corporate. 

In Cyprus, offshore bank accounts also offer offshore companies more benefits and enhanced protection. It is possible to set up such an account remotely for as fast as ten working days. 

Is it possible to open a bank account in Cyprus in 2022?

Yes, foreign individuals and businesses can open bank accounts that they need in Cyprus. Innovations and recent developments in the country’s financial system have made it easier to set up accounts in local or representative foreign bank accounts in the country. More so, it is also possible to open an account remotely with the help of Cypriot lawyers that can handle the entire process for their clients.