How to Register for GeSY in Cyprus?

Health is one of the essential things in life, and there is even a quote that says, “health is wealth.” Foreigners living in Cyprus may wonder if they can register for a public health care system while living away from their country of origin. Fortunately, Cyprus has a comprehensive healthcare system offering premium coverage to minimize stress and risks of experiencing health problems abroad. 

In the General Healthcare System in Cyprus, the GeSY ensures that potential health issues will be handled efficiently. Let us get to know more about the country’s premier healthcare and answer the question, how to register for GeSY in Cyprus?

What is the GeSY in Cyprus?

Like every country globally, Cyprus has a public healthcare system that provides top-of-the-line medical services, similar to the UK’s NHS. The GeSY in Cyprus is an acronym that stands for the General Healthcare System. This modern, patient-centric healthcare system was recently launched in 2019, and it took 17 years to finally convince the Cypriot parliament to push on with this program. Thus, Cypriots and those living in Cyprus may enjoy quality healthcare services under the GeSY.  

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Who May Register to the GeSY?

Registering to the GeSY comes with many benefits to enrollees. But are you eligible to enrol in the system? Here is a list of the categories of the beneficiaries:

  • Cyprus citizens and dependants
  • EU citizens and their dependents
  • Foreign individuals with a permanent residence permit in areas and territories under the Republic of Cyprus and their dependants
  • Individuals with supplementary protection and refugees

How to Register for GeSY in Cyprus?

Before enrolling in the GeSY Registry of Beneficiaries, one should first register in the Civil Registry. Foreign individuals may proceed to the Registry of Migration Department or the Social Insurance Service. You have two options for registration – online using a portal or by approaching a personal physician. 

Online Registration to GeSY in Cyprus

The first step you should make to access the GeSY portal is creating and activating an account on the Health Insurance Organisation website. After which, you will connect to the Beneficiary Portal to continue your enrollment. You need to follow relevant instructions and fill in specific fields to proceed with your registration and verification. You may also be requested to provide additional details such as phone number, address, etc.

Registration Via Personal Physician

Those without internet access or who are not adept at completing the process online can visit their family or personal physical who may assist with the registration. Individuals may provide the required details or fill in the registration during a private visit to their doctor.

Keep in mind that access to the GeSY services will be provided once the beneficiary registers among the list of their selected personal physician. Additionally, GeSY enrollees may change their private doctors up to two times per year.  

How Much Are the GeSY Contributions? 

Contributions from the beneficiaries are the primary source of funding for the GeSY. An employee in Cyprus with an income of €180,000 per year is mandated to contribute 2.65% of their gross salary to the GeSY. Also, employers must contribute 2.90% of the wages of each of their employees to the GeSY. 

Other income earners and pensioners may pay the same contributions as regular employees. On the other hand, self-employed individuals must give 4.0% of their gross income to the GeSY monthly.

Are there Private Healthcare Options in Cyprus?

Apart from the GeSY, private healthcare services in Cyprus are available to locals and foreigners. These companies offer medical insurance policies, but you must be prepared to pay monthly or annual premiums. 

Depending on your coverage, the premiums can weigh heavily on your budget. 

If you need help choosing the proper private healthcare and medical insurance policies for your business, it is best to consult with local advisers and lawyers. Although Cyprus offers excellent healthcare services and infrastructure, some patients travel to other EU nations such as Greece and Israel for treatment. 

Insurance providers offer coverage for the expenses incurred during overseas treatment. It is best to consider these benefits. 


Health problems, treatment availability, and the quality of healthcare services in a country are vital requirements for ex-pats and foreigners living in Cyprus. It is best always to be prepared for untoward medical emergencies by registering with the general healthcare system of the country. 

You may also explore private medical insurance providers to extend your medical coverage. Consider how much you are willing to pay for your healthcare security while living in Cyprus. For some, being registered to GeSY is enough coverage, while others prefer to have an extensive healthcare plan. Still, it will help you live a stress-free life knowing how to register for GeSY in Cyprus and enjoy its healthcare benefits.