NEW Ticket System!

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest tool designed to streamline issue reporting and enhance your experience at SOHO: a new Ticket System. This system is designed to streamline the process of reporting any problems or issues you may encounter, making it quick and easy for you to get assistance.

How it works?

Access the SOHO App: Open up the SOHO app on your device. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, now’s the perfect time to do so.
Select Your Location: Choose your specific location and floor from the menu. This helps us pinpoint the issue and respond promptly.
Report the Issue: Look for the bell icon within the app and give it a tap. This will kickstart the process of reporting any issues you’re facing.
Choose a Category: Select the category that best describes the problem you’re encountering. If you can’t find a suitable category, simply choose ‘other.’
Provide Details: Describe the issue in as much detail as possible. Feel free to include any relevant pictures to help us better understand the situation.
Submit Your Ticket: Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, hit submit, and relax knowing that we’re on the case.

Whether you’re using the app on your phone or your desktop, rest assured that the Ticket System is user-friendly and accessible across all platforms.