How to Register As Self-Employed in Cyprus?

Cyprus may be tiny in land area, but it is a prosperous country with an exceptional economic landscape. The country offers amass of business opportunities for both local and foreign investors. Cyprus has a free-market, modern and service-based economy. This setup provides international and domestic businesses with a chance to invest and grow. More so, […]

How to Open A Bank Account in Cyprus

The Cypriot financial and economic system has grown extensively in recent years, and it is now easier for individual workers and investors to gain the services they need. There are various financial operations, but one must have a bank account to transfer funds from one account to another.  If you are working or running a […]

How Much Tax Do You Pay in Cyprus

Like any other nation, Cyprus has tax laws for its residents and established entities in the area. Still, this country has a very advantageous environment for investors – local and foreign. There are no restrictions on foreign share ownership, no withholding taxes on dividends or interest, and the sale of shares or other titles is […]

How to Apply for Permanent Residency in Cyprus

Applying for a permanent residency in Cyprus is possible for foreign nationals who wish to settle in Cyprus for longer than three months. They must obtain a residence permit after getting an entry visa – whether it is for work or study. If you intend to live in Cyprus, you must apply for a Cyprus […]

How To Transfer Money From The Bank of Cyprus

The Bank of Cyprus is the country’s leading financial and banking service in Cyprus. It offers a range of products and services such as finance, banking, investment banking, wealth management, factoring, general and life insurance, etc. It has more than 100 branches operating in Cyprus, the UK, and Romania. There are also representative branches in […]

Benefits of Living in Cyprus

Whether you’re looking for a permanent relocation or just a temporary escape from the cold winter weather, Cyprus is a great place to call home. With its stunning Mediterranean scenery, relaxed lifestyle, and wealth of activities and amenities, it’s easy to see why this small island nation is so popular. What Are The Advantages Of […]

Cyprus Residency Programs

If you are looking for an opportunity to live in Europe, the Cyprus residency program may be a good option for you. This program offers several benefits, including access to all of the benefits of European Union membership. This article will discuss the different types of Cyprus residency programs and qualify for them. We will […]

Cyprus Individual Tax Residency: “60 Days Rule”

Did you know that you could become a tax resident of Cyprus in as little as 60 days? That’s right! Under the new “60 Days Rule,” individuals who spend at least 60 days in Cyprus each year can qualify for Cypriot tax residency. It has made Cyprus an attractive option for many expats and retirees. […]

Cyprus Social Insurance Contributions

Did you know that in Cyprus, social insurance contributions are mandatory? All employees must contribute a percentage of their salary to the social security system. This article will provide an overview of social insurance contributions in Cyprus, including who is required to make them and how much they cost. Do I Have To Pay Social […]

The Cyprus Intellectual Property Tax Regime

If you are a business owner looking to protect your intellectual property, The Cyprus Intellectual Property Tax Regime may be the perfect place for you! This unique tax regime offers several benefits to business owners, including the ability to protect your intellectual property cost-effectively. This article will discuss The Cyprus Intellectual Property Tax Regime in […]