SOHO House Rules

Welcome to SOHO Office Space! We’re thrilled to welcome you to our unique SOHO Community, made up of over 750+ members across our offices in Cyprus & Malta.

SOHO is committed to creating a unique workspace experience for each of our Members in our offices. To create the best possible experience for all using the business centre, we ask for Members co-operation in following our House Rules to ensure all using the workspace can excel in the work environment. 

Please take a look at the SOHO House Rules below to ensure a smooth workspace experience at SOHO Offices. 

Office Space:

  • Members are encouraged to customise their office space to reflect their brand or company culture. Any alterations that Members wish to do to the offices are to be forwarded in writing to info@sohocyprus.cy so the SOHO management team can give their written permission.
  • Members who proceed with altering their office space are expected to return the workspace back to its original state before vacating the office space. Members who do not return the office space to its original condition after moving out will have maintenance fees deducted from their deposit.
  • Damages to the office: At the end of the rental term, should your company decide to vacate the workspace, any damages that have been caused to the workspace will be deducted from the deposit. Fair wear and tear is accepted.
    Example: Damages to the walls which require plaster & painting, damages to the carpets that require maintenance/deep cleaning efforts, etc.
  • Keycards: Companies who have new team members starting in their office space are expected to inform Evdokia (office@sohocyprus.cy) before the new employee’s first day in the workspace. Please allow our team advance notice so keycards and welcome packs can be prepared for your new team member. We want them to have a great first day at SOHO!
  • Companies whose employees resign or are terminated must inform the SOHO Team right away. Please give our team notice so we can remove the access to the workspace and to our internal member channels. All keycards are to be returned on the last working day of the employee.
  • Keycards that are assigned to companies and are not returned will result in a €50 penalty fee.
  • Employees who lose a keycard must inform the SOHO Team right away so we can turn off the keycard. Lost keycards that are not reported to the SOHO team compromise the business centre.
  • Companies renting a private office space are entitled to 6 hours of free meeting room allowance per month. Companies who go above the 6 hour allowance will incur a fee of €15+VAT for every additional hour booked.
  • Companies renting a private office space are entitled to free, unlimited access to Skype Rooms.
  • Members that require maintenance work to their office need to report it in the SOHO App or directly to Evdokia or Romina via email. Our team will do our best to provide you with a timeline of the completion of the work based on urgency and our maintenance team’s availability. Members who require small tasks, such as: tvs, whiteboards, or paintings to be mounted, furniture to be moved, etc. are able to do so on their own. Any works that require altering the workspace need to be sent in writing to info@sohocyprus.cy first and we will advise if you are able to do so on your own or if our maintenance team needs to survey the area first. 


  • Members are asked when taking phone calls to please respect those around them: Members can always consult with their fellow coworking members if they mind calls taken in the open space. However, stepping out of the open area into a lounge space or booking a Skype Room or Meeting Room is encouraged.
  • Coworking desks are designed for one person. Only one member can use a single coworking desk at a time. Companies are allowed to have more than one employee use their desk membership, however, employees can not use the desk space at the same time.
  • Hot Desk users only have access to the business centre during business hours: Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm. Hot desk members do not receive a keycard access.
  • Hot desks are served on a first come first served basis. Hot desk users do not have a desk space dedicated for them. Should the dedicated hot desk spaces be unavailable upon your arrival, hot desk members will need to sit in any open lounge area as an alternative workspace.
  • Hot Desk members are entitled to 3 hours of free skype room allowance per month when securing a 1 month membership or longer. Persons renting a hot desk by the day or week are not entitled to any free skype room or meeting room allowance. Skype rooms are available for booking at €7.50/hour + VAT with meeting rooms available at €15/hour + VAT. 

Meeting & Skype Rooms:

  • Members who need to use a Skype Room or Meeting Room are required to book the room in advance via the SOHO App. Persons who do not book a room in advance and choose to use the room anyway, can be kicked out of the meeting or skype room at any time. Members who need assistance booking rooms are asked to speak with Evdokia or Romina for guidance.
  • Members who choose not to book meeting rooms will have bookings done on their behalf by the SOHO Team. This will lead to Members’ monthly allowance being incorrectly counted and fees incurred. To ensure you have not gone over your monthly allowance and avoid unnecessary fees, book the meeting rooms in advance yourself. 
  • Executive Boardrooms have a higher usage than regular meeting rooms. Members can book the Executive Boardroom on the 4th floor at an hourly fee of €35 / hour + VAT. (Members price)
  • Members who find someone using their meeting or skype room when they have booked the room in advance are asked to contact the SOHO Team so we ask the Member to vacate the space on your behalf.
  • SOHO Limassol has limited Skype Rooms available – Skype Rooms are NOT to be used as alternative workspace. Please respect the fellow Members in the workspace by giving everyone a chance to book the Skype Rooms.
  • Members who regularly book the Skype Rooms as workspace or for hours on end will be contacted by the SOHO Team.
  • Please return the Meeting/Skype room to its original state after your meeting. Please take your coffee/water cups with you after your meeting. Please do not leave the technology on the floor where it could be damaged.
  • Members who wish to have catering made available for their meeting room bookings are asked to give the SOHO Team advanced notice of at least 3 business days. Book catering for your meeting via Evdokia or Romina.


  • The SOHO Gym is exclusive for Members ONLY. Members who bring outside guests to use the Gyms will be charged a €50 penalty fee.
  • Members can use the SOHO Gym on a 24/7 basis.
  • Members who wish to use the Gym must sign the Gym agreement before using the fitness area. Collect the gym agreement from the reception.
  • Members must keep their shirts ON during workouts.
  • Disinfect the equipment after use with the provided spray bottles.
  • Members are to return the equipment back to its designated spot after use. Please do not leave our team the task of returning your equipment to where it belongs 🙂
  • Booking is required to attend the free gym classes. Members who do not book their spot to the fitness class in advance may be denied space to the class if fully booked.
  • Book your spot to any gym class directly in the SOHO App!

Read the full gym rules here. 

Common Areas & Other:

  • We’re over 170+ members using our workspace! Let’s work together to make sure the workspace is kept to standard. Please put your dirty dishes in the provided dishwashers when finished.
  • Fire Drills: ALL members present in the building when the fire alarm is sounded MUST immediately exit the building via the stairs and calmly proceed to the assembly point. Members who disregard fire drills put the SOHO Team and fellow Members in danger and will not be tolerated. SOHO is not obligated to inform Members in the event of a fire drill and we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused.
  • Please put your garbage in the designated rubbish bins when finished. Please do not leave them in the kitchen areas for Members trying to enjoy their lunch.
  • If you spill your coffee or food, please clean up after yourself, or ask a SOHO Team member to provide you with cleaning products.
  • Please use the designated smoking areas and ashtrays provided. Please do not throw cigarettes onto the ground!
  • Please close the door behind you when using the smoking area.
  • Please clean after yourself in the toilets. Paper should not be thrown on the floor. Please flush the toilet after use.
  • Members get a 50% discount on the event venue rental when hosting an event at SOHO.
  • Members are welcome to bring friends to any SOHO event.
  • Parking: Members who have designated parking spots are asked to please park in the spot dedicated to them. All parking spots are labelled with personal or company names – please park properly inside the lines of your designated parking spot.
  • Members who do not park in their dedicated parking areas or outside of the parking lines will be asked to move their vehicles. 

Please respect your fellow members using the workspace! The SOHO Team will exhaust all efforts to ensure a positive and work friendly environment for our members to excel in their success, however, we can’t do it alone – with your co-operation, we can create a workspace experience that benefits everyone. 

Any questions or concerns can be directed to SOHO Operations Manager Romina Ndoni: info@sohocyprus.cy or +357 96 200 155 

SOHO Contacts:

Romina Ndoni (Operations Manager): info@sohocyprus.cy

Evdokia Stavridi (Office Administrator): office@sohocyprus.cy