How to Register an Association in Cyprus

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) are the two types of associations that can be registered in Cyprus (CSOs). The registration procedure is straightforward and can be completed online. Here are the steps you will need to follow: 1. Come up with a name for your organization. The name must be distinct and […]

When did Cyprus join the EU?

The European Union has 28 member states as of May 2013. Cyprus joined the EU on May 1, 2004. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Since 2004, the Republic of Cyprus has been a member of the European Union. Cyprus became one of ten […]

How to Calculate Income Tax in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, income tax rates are attractive for both EU and non-EU nationals. Tax residents in Cyprus are taxed based on chargeable income from Cyprus and foreign sources. However, individuals who are not tax residents are only taxed on certain income from Cyprus sources. If you plan on working or moving to Cyprus in the […]

What is an LLC?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a hybrid business entity that combines the advantages of a partnership and a corporation. As a business entity in Cyprus, an LLC has a separate legal identity from its owners or shareholders. As such, the shareholders are only liable for up to the number of their shares.  An LLC […]

How To Get Permanent Residency in Cyprus?

Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches and mild Mediterranean climate, and thus, it is an ideal destination for permanent residence for many non-EU nationals. This country has the lowest crime level in the EU, offers a relatively low cost of living and does not have an inheritance tax. Additionally, Cyprus has a robust economy, […]

How to Register for GeSY in Cyprus?

Health is one of the essential things in life, and there is even a quote that says, “health is wealth.” Foreigners living in Cyprus may wonder if they can register for a public health care system while living away from their country of origin. Fortunately, Cyprus has a comprehensive healthcare system offering premium coverage to […]

How to Register As Self-Employed in Cyprus?

Cyprus may be tiny in land area, but it is a prosperous country with an exceptional economic landscape. The country offers amass of business opportunities for both local and foreign investors. Cyprus has a free-market, modern and service-based economy. This setup provides international and domestic businesses with a chance to invest and grow. More so, […]

How to Open A Bank Account in Cyprus

The Cypriot financial and economic system has grown extensively in recent years, and it is now easier for individual workers and investors to gain the services they need. There are various financial operations, but one must have a bank account to transfer funds from one account to another.  If you are working or running a […]

How Much Tax Do You Pay in Cyprus

Like any other nation, Cyprus has tax laws for its residents and established entities in the area. Still, this country has a very advantageous environment for investors – local and foreign. There are no restrictions on foreign share ownership, no withholding taxes on dividends or interest, and the sale of shares or other titles is […]

Cyprus Social Insurance Contributions

Did you know that in Cyprus, social insurance contributions are mandatory? All employees must contribute a percentage of their salary to the social security system. This article will provide an overview of social insurance contributions in Cyprus, including who is required to make them and how much they cost. Do I Have To Pay Social […]